Sydney! We are heading to you soon! Please place your order asap to avoid having to wait until the next rotation

NSW Deliveries

NSW deliveries!

Yes! We now offer dog kennel front yard delivery into sections of NSW!

Once a month our trucks will be heading to Sydney, which means we can also offer delivery to locations along the way. Up until now, shipping of each kennel via courier was a minimum of $950 per kennel- far too much!

We've been able to bring deliveries in-house and in doing so, save our customers a butt load of money and instead of a $950 fee, it's down to $299. 


Here is a list of locations we offer delivery to for $299

  • Euroa
  • Benalla
  • Wangaratta
  • Aubury Wodonga
  • Holbrook
  • Gundagai
  • Yass
  • Goulburn
  • Sydney


All orders placed on or before the 30th of each month will be delivered on (or around) the 7th of the following month. When placing your order, please select Sydney Zone as your shipping option.

As deliveries into NSW is a new service, we understand there will be a few questions - so feel free to reach out.

Phone 1300 076 393



We are thrilled and excited to be able to include more of Australia in offering our fantastic, sturdy, and loved kennels. 


Kennel deliveries into NSW