ADELAIDE!!! Orders for June delivery must be in by Saturday 22nd June by 8am. Orders placed after this time will be delivered in September! 😄🐾😄


Frequently Asked Questions.


I've heard treated pine is bad for kids and pets, is that true?

That's a great question and one you should be asking. CCA  (copper chrome arsenic) is considered potentially dangerous and is not used on products for kids and pets. You can rest assured our products are made with Eco / ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) which the CSIRO have deemed safe for use on products for kids and pets. 


Delivery within 10 working days, what does that mean?

A working day is generally a day between Monday - Friday, this means Saturday and Sunday are not included in the count of 7 days. Public Holidays may also affect this. If you worried or not sure, just contact us, we'll clear it up for you.

So my order won't be delivered on a weekend?

Usually deliveries run between Mon-Fri, however if there has been a truck delay during the week deliveries will run over the weekend. Either way, you will get notified once it's delivered.



It's made of timber/wood, doesn't that mean it'll leak?

Nope! This couldn't be further from the truth. Not only are the timber boards we use very durable we also put a layer of waterproofing insulation beneath the roof. Not only does this ensure absolutely no roof leakage, it also helps repel the heat and cold. 


 The overhang (veranda) of my kennel has opened/cupped, is this normal?

Timber naturally moves and we’ve designed our kennels in such a way that the overhang absorbs this movement. You’ll notice the overhang will open and close depending on the humidity in the air. 

You don’t need to do anything as this will naturally occur, and please do not attempt to fix the ends together as the movement will transfer further back in on the roof.


You say front yard delivery, what does that mean?

That's a great question. It means your product will be delivered to your front yard. If for any reason this  is not possible you must contact us to organise a specialised delivery - please note there may be fees applicable. 

I'd like my product put in place, can the driver do that?

Unfortunately no. The drivers are not allowed to manually handle the products. 


How do Stoneman Constructions communicate with their customers?

Generally email. While waiting for your product to be delivered we strongly advise you to keep an eye on your junk and spam mail.


I've contacted Stoneman Constructions regarding a restricted yard access and have informed them I must be home for delivery. The truck has arrived and I was not home, will the truck wait?

If you're not at home generally the driver will attempt to deliver your product for you. Upon citing the inability to deliver your product you will receive an email asking how to proceed. If you are not contactable within 15 minutes your product will be returned to Stoneman Constructions and a re-delivery / re-stocking fee will be applicable. This fee varies depending on your location. 

- The above is also applicable where yards are not accessible, eg locked gates, dangerous, any reason the product is not able to be delivered.

If the driver thinks it is acceptable to leave your product, they will - this will avoid any restocking fees you otherwise would have encountered.


My dog has chewed and destroyed the kennel, is that covered by warranty?

No. We've been told my many (many, many, many) customers that dogs don't seem to chew our kennels, but we cannot guarantee that they won't. If your dog is a chewer it may be a sign of boredom and it could be an idea for you to seek out a professional behaviourist who could suggest ways for him/her to be stimulated.

 There's air gaps under the eaves, why is that?

The air gaps are there to ensure enough air flows through the kennel, the eaves protect the gaps from rain. Not only do these gaps allow adequate airflow during the summer months, they help to reduce moisture build up over winter. 

For all information please see our terms and conditions page on this website.